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Audrey Truschke’s most recent book, Aurangzeb, is available in India, Pakistan, and North America/Europe.


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Aurangzeb’s villainisation is bad history but a good storyline. The Telegraph, August 122, 2018. here

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Audrey Truschke’s ‘Aurangzeb’ engages with (and demolished) WhatsApp history. Review of Aurangzeb by Shoaib Daniyal, Scroll.in, April 26, 2017. here

Aurangzeb, A Stranger No More. Review of Aurangzeb by Akshaya Mukul, The Hindu, March 4, 2017. here

The Misunderstood Mughals, excerpts from Audrey Truschke’s Aurangzeb, India Today, February 9, 2017. here

Interview with Audrey Truschke. The Hindu, September 14, 2015. here

Stanford Scholar Casts New Light on Hindu-Muslim Relations. Stanford News, September 9, 2015. here

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