Persian Texts

The texts below are all primary works (in the original language, mainly Persian) available online. In some cases, I have also included links to useful overviews of a given text online, particularly on the Perso-Indica website. Feel free to use these texts and links for any and all scholarly purposes and continue to make them widely, freely available.

For the time being, my focus here is on Persian texts instead of Sanskrit. That's because Sanskritists have already developed methods of getting materials online of which Persianists, particularly Indo-Persianists, can only dream. What you see below is only the beginning and focuses on texts relevant to a particular set of subjects. Please click here to learn more about finding more primary texts pertinent to various topics online.

Delhi Sultanate Period

Mughal Period

Mughal Materials

  • A Mughal Family tree, 1526-1857. Please note that this document is changeable so you can make your own improvements. It is also provisional, and all information therein should be confirmed before being cited. The first page is also available as a pdf.
  • Vinay Lal's section on the Mughals on his website, Manas.

Old Persian

  • offers a variety of Old and Middle Persian texts.
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