Access and Downloading


  • VPN, Virtual Private Network. Many websites (such as googlebooks)¬†restrict access based on where you, the user, are located in the world. Particularly non-USA based scholars may find it helpful to mask their IP address, which can generally be effectively done using VPN. There are a variety of paid and unpaid options out there. I often recommend¬†this one.


A shocking number of online archives will not let users download texts, which severely limits their usefulness. Here are some workaround solutions.

  • Drag and drop individual images onto your computer.
  • Take a screen snapshot (use this when drag and drop is ineffective).
  • use add-ons, such as DownThemAll for Firefox.
  • For the Digital Library of India, there is this tool.
  • Use VPN (see above). Keep in mind that sometimes what is unavailable in one country is fully accessible in another.
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