Finding high quality reproductions of images for study and teaching purposes, preferably that can be downloaded, remains surprisingly difficult. Perhaps your university's library has access to ARTstor or even its own image bank. Many museums will also provide copies of images upon request. Here are resources that are freely available to all. Also see my page on digitized manuscripts, which often include illustrated copies:

Individual Collections

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum in London offers free downloads of many of their images online, including folios from their Akbarnamah and other Indo-Persian texts.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has many of their Mughal miniatures online with zoom capabilities (search here).
  • The David Collection in Denmark has much of their collection online that can be downloaded by drag and drop.
  • The Walters Museum in Baltimore has digitized their manuscripts, including several valuable Indo-Persian works, that can be downloaded in different size images (see list here).
  • The Udaipur miniatures (primarily held now in the National Museum Delhi) for Bhanudatta's Rasamanjari can be viewed here.
  • You can drag and drop medium-quality images from the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC.
  • The Chester Beatty Image Gallery allows you to zoom in.
  • The Rijksmuseum has made 125,000 of its images available for download.
  • St. John's College, Cambridge has their Oriental Manuscripts listed online with illustrations available for drag and drop.

Collaborative Projects